Vigilant! Overload Headaches

Vigilant! Overload Headaches
Vigilant! Overload Headaches - You MAY never have a headache or pain in the head. Headache can be caused by one of the symptoms of a serious neurological disease, such as stroke, brain tumors, vascular abnormalities of the brain, and brain infections.

In general, the headache can be grouped into two, namely primary headaches and secondary headaches. Primary headache is a headache that arises as a result of the response to stress (both physical and psychological). Primary headache itself can be divided into three types, namely, Tension Headache, Migraine and Cluster Headache.

If you get headaches with symptoms that are not too heavy and appear suddenly, you should be wary! About 70 percent of cases of muscle tension headaches caused due to fatigue, stress, and depression.

Mild headaches can be relieved with adequate rest and take medication. However, more severe headaches, such as migraine and vertigo, not quite healed with rest. And in fact, a healthy lifestyle and diet also affect the appearance of headache. Therefore, change your lifestyle and your diet to be more healthy, such as exercising regularly and quitting smoking. Here are tips to alleviate the symptoms of a mild headache.

1. Adequate sleep
Rest your body, so headaches are triggered by fatigue and tension during work can be muted.

2. Drinking water
It may be that your headaches are caused by dehydration. Choose plain water or warm, as cold water can make heads sicker.

3. Perform breathing exercises
Fresh air is enough oxygen to facilitate breathing. Inhale deeply and slowly waste. Do it repeatedly until you feel relief.

4. massage
Do a gentle massage on the temple's head in a circular motion, then continue toward the forehead. Simple massage is done repeatedly to relieve pain in the head. Do it while sipping a comforting aromatherapy.