Exercise Increase Brain Health in Old Age

Exercise Increase Brain Health in Old Age - PEOPLE who remain physically active into old age can improve their health by preventing decline in brain white matter of the brain.

A new study shows, the white matter of the brain consists of fiberlike parts of brain cells that allow communication between brain areas.
"We hope that this will encourage people to start better care for their brain to become more active," said study researcher Agnieszka Burzynska, as reported by Fox News website on Tuesday (5/11).

In the study, researchers studied 88 people aged between 60 and 78 years who have a low cardiovascular fitness but quite healthy.

They were asked to wear accelerometers for a week to track daily physical activity they are, and how much time they spent sitting. Adults are encouraged to do at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week.

The researchers examined the brain scans of the participants to see how structurally sound the white matter. One way they do this is by finding a lesion called "white matter hyperintensities of white matter," which is common in older people.

The results showed that the more people who are involved in moderate or vigorous exercise, the less their brain's white matter lesions.

This finding may explain why researchers have found a link between exercise and better cognitive function among people of an older age in previous studies.

The new results show that increased physical activity and a healthy lifestyle can be beneficial for brain health.

Is not fully known how exercise may protect the aging brain from wear. But this may be related between fitness and physical activity against vascular changes associated with age were involved in the development of brain white matter lesions.

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