When Stress, Women More Often Want Sex - The Journal of Sexual Medicine

When Stress, Women More Often Want Sex - When under stress or fatigue due to load problems, many people feel it is not the best time to have sex. In fact, studies show that when stressed, a woman wants to make love more often.

In a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, noted that women who experience symptoms of moderate to severe levels of stress turns out to have sex more often than other women.

Researchers from the University of Michigan conducted a longitudinal study involving 952 women aged 18-20 years. As a basis, 23 percent of respondents showed symptoms of moderate to severe stress.

For two and a half years, the women fill out a weekly survey asking whether they have sex or not in the last week.

Although we think of stress makes many women prefer to eat ice cream instead of making love, it turns out the fact that the researchers found no such. The number of women who are sexually active stress in women is higher than in women who do not have symptoms of stress. In fact, women from the group stress intercourse 1.6 times more often.

The results of this study is at odds with another study that says that stress the negative impact on sexual life and lowered libido.

Even so, the team of Michigan study, researchers found no causal relationship between stress and sex.

The symptoms of their stress could be a result of their sexual lives that are free so that they feel guilt, regret, or anger in the relationship.

Sexual intercourse with a partner instead could also lead to decreased confidence and increased anxiety levels. A woman is also likely to have risky sex when they feel sad.