Stress As What is Healthy?

Stress As What is Healthy? - Stress is the most widely held complaint that modern people. Stress is as besieging our lives, whether at home, office, especially on the road. Although we often expect to be free from stress, stress can actually provide health benefits.
Stress As What is Healthy?

When we feel stressed, your body will send signals about how we experience stress affect physically and mentally.

Just as in ancient cavemen are dealing with a lion, will also trigger the stress response of "fight or leave it" which will affect the nervous system and hormones. Caveman proven that stress had higher survival.

When the response to "fight or leave" it appears, we will experience increased heart rate, sweaty little hands, eyes wider, and we become more alert. With these changes, we also seemed to feel can outrun or escape from something. Stress does make us more agile, more powerful, and quick thinking.

One of the benefits of stress you may recall is the increased memory. Hormones released during stress to make us more focused and easier to remember. Stress also nourish the immune system so that we are stronger against infections.

But it should be remembered, it is just stress stress healthy in moderate amounts. If the stress is too much and in a long time, the effect will be the opposite. We become easily hurt, hard to remember, weight gain, and much more. This is a result of our body is flooded with stress hormones for too long.

One way to control stress is to identify the causes of stress (stressors). Is it our own stressors that causes or factors outside themselves? The character and personality of a person is also influential in determining whether events experienced will be addressed by tension or relaxed.