Routine Jump Ropes 200 Times Each evening, Haryono Down Weight 27 Kg in 6 Months

Routine Jump Ropes 200 Times Each evening, Haryono Down Weight 27 Kg in 6 Months - For Haryono (23), has a fat body makes it even more wasteful. How not, he had to sew clothes in the tailor and the price to be paid sometimes more expensive.

Trying to lose weight, the man who was familiarly called this Hary was jogging routine every morning and every afternoon jumping rope. Not only that, he also keeps his diet. In 6 months, Hary managed to reduce 27 kg weight! Following his presentation to detikHealth, Wednesday (13/08/2014):

I started dieting when high school early to go to class 3. The reason I go on a diet is hard to find clothes that fit the body size, so it should sew his own. The result is not in accordance with the fashion in the market and more expensive. In addition, ridicule because very fat body also became my motivation to lose weight.

In the diet, my exercise routine run. I run almost every day starting at 5 to 6 am. Not only that, I also do jump rope average of 200 jumps each afternoon. All the sports I did on an empty stomach or before a heavy meal.

Besides sports, I also manage your diet. I eat twice a day ie morning around 7 to 8 and in the afternoon at about 4 to 6 menu that I consume is not much different from the general menu served at home. The difference is I reduce the consumption of carbohydrates, especially rice and vegetables increase.

During a diet, I still eat meat as a regular but not excessive. In addition, I also reduced sweet snack and fried.

In six months, I do not eat sugar to any drink. So I only eat fresh tea or black coffee bitter. In addition, I also do not eat ice and instant noodles. As a result of my original weight of 85 kg to 58 kg successfully down this time and still stable.