Naturally Tricks & Tips to Make White Skin

Naturally Tricks & Tips to Make White Skin - If it has a pure white body skin appearance will certainly look more attractive. Moreover, if we can take care of our skin properly, it will certainly support our appearance and increase self-confidence is not it? But for Indonesian women themselves mostly have brown skin and olive. Actually kind brown skin and olive were also good, but not one too right if you want to have a white glow.

But for Indonesia for the problem is pretty much sunlight that illuminates the skin becomes dull because the sun can easily burn skin. Well for mengataso this course you must know the tricks and tips that powerful to make your skin glow white tentnya with natural car. Remember, everything you do in a natural way does take quite a long time. But rest assured that the natural way you will get a real beauty. By natural means you must also be free and safe from the dangers of cosmetics etc.

Below we submit tips & tricks to whiten skin naturally.

1 Keep Body and Health

The first most important thing is diligent menjada cleanliness and health of your body. Try a bath 2 times a day to clean up the dirt on your skin so that your skin will look more radiant. When bathing use clean water and make sure the soap you use is also a soap that is suitable for your skin and use a scrub that you can use in the bath which is very useful to remove dead cells and dirt on your body.

2 Potion Lime

Which of the two is by way of using lime juice and tomatoes that have been pulverized and then campurkanlah both and rub all over the surface of your skin. Lime has proven able to lift dead skin cells that make your skin look whiter.

3 Lemon and Egg White

In addition to lemon and tomato using lemon and egg white is also very good for your skin. The trick is very easy, you just need to pick up the egg whites and mix with lemon juice stir until blended up into a mask and ready to use on your body.