In order for Vitamin Supplements are Drunk Not Wasted Useless

In order for Vitamin Supplements are Drunk Not Wasted Useless - In order to get a healthy body and not easily hurt, what are we going to do; eating a variety of vegetables and fruits, or drinking various types of vitamin supplements. However, most of the contents of these vitamins will be excreted through urine.

The body's ability to absorb essential nutrients from supplements or bioavialability very important role to be useful whether or not your habit of supplements. This is because there are some nutrients that should be consumed specifically.
In order for Vitamin Supplements are Drunk Not Wasted Useless

"If you take supplements or certain foods but not in a form that should be consumed, all will be useless," says nutritionist Brooke Alpert.

Here are some tips so that the money you spend to buy the supplement is not wasted in the toilet.

1 Minerals such as zinc, magnesium, and iron, has many functions in the body, ranging from hormones to regulate the heartbeat. The nature of these minerals are inorganic or limitations of the body to absorb and use it. One way that this mineral can be absorbed well, you could consider doing chelation therapy or infusion.

2 Vitamin B, especially B12, lately very popular. But there are some people who have difficulty activating B vitamins, such as folate, B6, and B12, so that the body can use. For vitamin B6, necessary co-enzyme called P5P.

3 Calcium supplements should ideally be consumed in a number that is not too big. If we consume 1000 mg of calcium in a single drink, the body can not absorb it. "The body can not absorb more than 500 mg at one time," he said. Therefore, divide the dose.

Accordingly it is with vitamin C. Many people are looking for a direct high doses of vitamin C will feel so cold, even though the body stops absorbing vitamin if not lacking. In other words, all those expensive vitamins will just dumped the body.

4 What You consumption along with very powerful supplement. If you are taking iron supplements along with coffee or tea, then absorption by the body will not be maximized.

Note 5. packaging supplements you buy. If only the written vitamins A, D, or E alone, without the described shape, then this is not a good product. Choose products that also explains his bioavialibility.

6 Vitamins that we eat would be useless if it can not be broken down by the body perfectly. This means, for pill gel takes 15 minutes for the tablet to be broken and it took 45 minutes.