How To Distinguish Stress and Mental Disorder

How To Distinguish Stress and Mental Disorder - When seeing people behave in strange, usually the person is called stress. In fact, it may be unusual behavior is actually referring to the mental disorder. Indeed there are many misguided people about the disorder this one.

Psychiatric specialist physicians from the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry Faculty of medicine / RSCM Tjhin Wiguna said, lay stress only expression that refers to a mental disorder. In fact, stress is the pressure that makes people have to adapt to deal with in order to survive.

"If it means a person can adapt to manage stress well, but if trouble it will trigger a mental disorder, the type variety," he said when contacted by Reuters Health, Thursday (08/07/2014).

Mental disorders can arise from mild to severe scale. Mild mental disorders such as depression, which is not too heavy which is characterized by symptoms such as depressed, dispirited, or panic. While the more severe mental disorders such as depression, which is characterized by a decreased ability to think, cognitive, psychomotor, and not worry too much about the future.

"The hardest part is psychotic that could not distinguish between imagination and reality," said Tjhin.

All that was initially triggered by stress that can not be faced with a good adaptation. Therefore, stress is a condition, not a disorder which meant many people as possible during this time.

Can be cured

Tjhin stressed, irrespective of the severity of mental disorders, when treated properly it will heal and mental patients can return to normal. Therapy itself consists of two types, namely with medication and psychotherapy.

"Mental disorders related to chemical imbalances in the brain or also called neurotransmitters. To restore it, it is necessary medications. While to recover psychiatric patient, psychotherapy takes the form of counseling," he said.