Eliminate Fatigue and Stress with Reflexology

Eliminate Fatigue and Stress with Reflexology - Currently it seems wherever we go to the mall there is always a place reflexology. This massage is suitable to relieve stress and detoxify our bodies. Reflexology can be carried in the hand, face or ears.

History of reflexology has been going on since the days of ancient Egypt. However, modern reflexology be developed by a physiotherapist named Eunice Ingham in the early 1930s. He makes Petea hands and feet showing areas associated with the parts of the body.

"Reflexology is a technique to provide gentle pressure to the area in the hands or feet to merilekkan or stimulate the body's own healing process," said Louise Keet, author of The Reflexology Bible. In theory, our organs, nerves, glands and other body parts are connected to reflex points in the hands and feet.

"When a refleksologis massaging your feet, they often recognize the problem you are experiencing is because they feel the crystal deposits under the skin," said Keet.

It is a pile of crystals of uric acid or calcium and is called creating a blockage of energy flow in our body. "By pressing these crystals, reflexologis will disperse the blockage, it helps dissolve and carried in the bloodstream," said Keet.

Done treated with reflexology because of fatigue and stress, we often feel refreshed and more energetic. However, for the case of a serious illness such as asthma, Keet suggested us to find a therapist who is an expert. Required a series of treatments consisting of 10 times for cases such as asthma or irritable bowel syndrome.

Reflexology therapy can be carried out for all ages. However, pregnant women who are still in the first trimester and those who are experiencing a fever for a while to avoid this therapy. "This therapy is not only physical but also menerapi psychological side," he said.

We also can massage our own hands or feet. So that no one, should we learn from the book so that it knows the true areas should be massaged.

"The thumb represents the head of our feet while points under the feet associated with stomach and lower back. So if massaging the big toe, we're menerapi related problems such as headaches or head toothache, "said Keet.

The points on the hands is also related to the areas of the body. "Thumbs hands associated with the head. Wrist associated with the lower back, "said Keet.