Do not Brushing After Breakfast

Do not Brushing After Breakfast - Maintaining the health of the young since the capital required to stay fit and strong for all ages. But, even though we are already implementing a healthy lifestyle there are actually five errors that may be harmful to your health. What are the errors?
Do not Brushing After Breakfast

1 Brushing teeth after breakfast
This habit will damage the enamel or outer layer of the tooth, especially when food is eaten before meals with high levels of acid, such as fruits. According to Mark Wolff, a dentist from New York City College, foods with a high acid will erode the enamel. Brushing your teeth after meals mengasup will make a thin enamel layer and will eventually porous.

After eating should simply rinsing with water and wait about 40 minutes until the calcium in saliva remineralize enamel. Then it is a good time to brush your teeth.

2 Driving with the windows open
Air pollution is very high on the highway. According to Scott Fruin, environmental health researcher at USC, said air pollution can increase headaches, cancer, and heart disease. Therefore, we recommend that you use the enclosed transport. Even if they had to use a motorcycle, then make sure you use a mask.

3 Heating food in the microwave in a plastic container
Despite claiming BPA-free plastic containers (chemicals in plastics that are harmful to health), other substances in plastic still potentially get into heated foods in plastic containers. According to Germaine Buck Louis, director of the US national health institute said the chemicals could potentially damage sperm and disrupt the production of hormones in the body. So, make sure you always reheat food in the microwave with a glass container.

4 Driving after drinking alcohol
When drunk, people are forbidden to drive. But despite not get drunk, driving after drinking alcohol are also at risk of accidents.

5. Checking work emails before bed
Although the work is important, but time off should not be bothered with such matters. A study from the University of Florida found that people who check email on their mobile phone after 9 pm tend to wake up in a state of dizziness. So stop using the gadget for you at least one hour before bedtime.