Be careful Injectable Vitamin C

Be careful Injectable Vitamin C - Smooth white skin and still be the desire of the majority of Indonesian women. Various ways they are following a dream for the sake of the skin, ranging from wearing a skin-lightening care product to be a way of instant injection of vitamin C.

Injectable vitamin C is basically an injection to boost the body's immunity. But because vitamin C is also required to have a beautiful skin, lately more and more clinics are offering injections of vitamin C megadose with the lure of whiten skin.

According to that we become Sp.KK, from RSCM Kencana Jakarta clinic, injection or infusion of vitamin C can indeed brighten the skin. Originally given in proper dosage, regularly, and under the supervision of a doctor, basically injecting vitamin C is safe.

"But it must be remembered that the only injectable vitamin C to brighten the skin, returning it to its original color.'s Not to whiten the skin," said the doctor who became deputy secretary of the Association of Physician Specialists Dermatology Indonesia.

Our normal skin color, according to Hanny is a color that is in the body that are rarely exposed to the sun. For example, in the chest or inner sleeve.

Hannah adds, most people expect excessive injection of vitamin C. They want their skin became white as the Korean movie star. "Usually I do not want to serve patients who have excessive expectations like that," he said.

But it should be noted that injections of vitamin C are not appropriate doses can cause dangerous side effects. Side effects can include irritation, burning great, until the allergic reaction that can cause death.

For that Hanny suggest to patients who want to do the injections of vitamin C for health checks used to determine kidney function.

"The dose of vitamin C is no maximum. If excess will dissolve in water and filtered kidneys. Though kidneys also have a maximum capacity. If too much can cause crystallization, risks ranging from kidney stones to kidney failure," he said.

Hannah also recalled the importance of health evaluation after several injections of vitamin C. Be careful also in choosing a beauty clinic with a competent physician.

Do not be sacrificed for the sake of the health of a white dream.