About Mayo Clinic

Quoted from CNN, Wednesday (13/08/2014), the Mayo Clinic in the city of Rochester, Minnesota was named the best hospital in the United States version of the 2014 US News & World Report.

Dr. John Wald, Director of Public Relations and Marketing the Mayo Clinic says that an honor to receive this title. According to him, this title is a reward for Mayo staff who have worked hard to provide the best health care in America.

"This is a great tribute to our staff. We always strive to provide high quality health care and affordable for patients," he said.

Mayo Clinic beat nearly 5,000 other hospitals in America. In the list released by the US News, Mayo got the first rank 8 of 16 specialty lists recorded.

Examples include the category of Diabetes and Endocrinology specialties handling (hormones), ENT, gastroenterology (digestive system), Geriatrics (treatment of elderly), Gynecology (womb), Nephrology (kidney), Neurology (nerves), and Pulmonology (lung)