Why Modern People Need to Detox?

Why Modern People Need to Detox? - Naturally our body already has a system cleanse the body of toxins. However, we may need to help the body rid itself of toxins. Because we live in modern times that much in contact with the poison. Both toxins are consumed intentionally or not.
Why Modern People Need to Detox?

Living in the city in modern times seems impossible escape from the pursuit of toxins. No environmental pollution from motor vehicles. Busyness of the city led to food preservatives and cold so choice. Drinking water was already not fresh and full of pollutants. Coupled with a comfortable city lifestyle from car to car, so less body motion. It was coupled with the toxins from cigarette smoke inhaled intentionally or accidentally.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are healthier than canned or packaged foods full of chemical preservatives. But almost all fresh fruits and vegetables sprayed with pesticides. Chicken, beef or fish was not devoid of toxins. Chickens and cows received an injection of antibiotics that go into their flesh. While the fish meat is most likely contaminated chemicals that increasingly overlap in marine waters.

"The use of pesticides worldwide rose from 50 million pounds a year in 1945 to 2.5 billion pounds a year. Any type of pesticides are now 10 times more toxic than the pesticide to living beings in the 50s, "said Riani Susanto, a nutritional practitioner who graduated from the United States to explore a lot about this detoxification.

More than 80 thousand kinds of pesticides and other chemicals that are used now, 10 percent of which are carcinogenic alias cause cancer. Therefore, do not be surprised if the cancer deaths in the United States increased from 331 thousand in 1970 to 521 thousand in 1992, with an estimated 30 thousand of them due to exposure to chemicals.

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"We are the generation that is most exposed to chemicals and toxins in history. We are also the deadliest generation of processed foods, sugar, caffeine, preservatives, steroids, penicillin, alcohol, nicotine and heavy metals and other toxins, "he added.

Because the amount of toxins that too much, the body's natural ability to remove toxins was so disturbed. The liver as the primary organ of detoxification so exhausted and not wasted a lot of toxins.

The signs that many toxins accumulate in the body can include headaches, bad breath, weight gain, constipation, mouth sores, skin appears dark and dull. In the long term toxic pile that certainly should not be taken lightly.

Medically stacking poison also causes the immune system works so excessive. As a result, we are so easily hurt when there is a disease goes into our bodies. "Therefore undergo the detoxification process easier for our bodies repair themselves back, clean up and restore the balance of the whole body system," said Riani.

So how to detoxification mechanisms that work? "Basically, it is a temporary detox to stop eating foods that are believed to contain toxins such as meat, sugar, dairy and caffeine. Detox diets usually start with fasting followed by a strict diet of raw fruit and vegetable juices and water, "said Jennifer K. Nelson, a nutritionist from the Mayo Clinic, USA.

He suggested a more balanced nutritional diet consisting of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean meats and unsaturated fats. Coupled with regular exercise and stress reduction techniques, our body will be healthier.

Of course so much healthier if we stop put poison in our bodies, such as quitting smoking, avoiding air pollution, stop eating processed foods and take supplements that prevent the absorption of toxins by the body.

Better yet, if possible, start eating fruits and vegetables organic meat. Only problem is, these organic products is still limited and expensive!