Warm Water Soaking Aids Detoxification

Warm Water Soaking Aids Detoxification - There are many ways to do detoxification or excretion of toxins from the body. One simple and natural ways that can be done is by soaking in warm water.

According to a health practitioner who is also a corporate trainer health dr. Phaidon Toruan Lumban, basically the body's natural process of detoxification is to neutralize or remove toxins from the body. Detoxification processes in the body are generally handled by the liver and kidneys.

Phaidon explained, detoxification through the method of soaking in warm water is long overdue and has been recognized effectiveness.

"There has been research. And this is one type of natural medicine.'s Not conventional medicine," he said in an anti-aging lifestyle workshop in Jakarta, Sunday (27/11/2011).

So, how do I get started? According Phaidon, the steps are fairly straightforward and simple. The first thing you need to be prepared prior to therapy (soak in warm water) Adala one must first clean shower (with soap). This is so that no oil covering the skin layer, thus simplifying the process of spending toxin.

After soaking about 3-5 minutes, the light Phaidon, usually the body will begin to feel the effects of sleepiness incredible. For this treatment, you do not need to use or incorporate any mixture or substance into the water.

"Later, some will come out toxins through the skin and partly through the gut," he said.

After soaking, further Phaidon, the agency must re-rinsed sufficiently with water only (no soap). "Because there is the likelihood that toxic out from under the skin still attached," he added.

On the first day, you can simply soak for approximately five (5) minutes. But for the next few days could be added (multiples of one minute) until it becomes a half hour.

Even so, in this way by Phaidon merely as a supplement only and not the only option for detoxification.

Drink lots of water with a combination of fibrous foods and exercise, according to still be the best choice for detoxification.

"If people do not drink enough water, the body automatically detox process will be reduced. While a combination of fibrous foods, water sports and very assist detoxification in the gut," he said.

Exercise can also improve bowel movements to attract and remove toxins. "When people exercise, toxic fat stored under the skin will carry pushed out, so the detoxification process work better," he said.