Trick Choosing Dental Care Products

Trick Choosing Dental Care Products - Dental care products, from toothbrushes, toothpaste with diverse appearance and function, as well as mouthwash, very easily available in supermarkets or pharmacies. However, when deciding to buy, what is your judgment?

"Until now there are many Indonesian consumers are choosing dental care products is based on the shape and favorite brand alone. Supposedly, the selection of oral care products is based on the needs of each person," said Prof. Dr. Hj Melanie drg Soedono, MBiomed, in the show "formula Masquerade Ball "at the Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Central Jakarta, some time ago.

Melanie revealed, everyone has dental problems and different needs. These different needs require solutions use different products. For example, when experiencing problems sensitive teeth, then you need care oral care products devoted to caring for sensitive teeth. One vote care products will result in less than the maximum results, and may exacerbate the complaint on the teeth.

Insight Research Institute of Asia and Formula recently conducted a survey to respondents aged 25-35 years, who come from different social and economic status (SES) in Indonesia. The survey results revealed that dental care is a fundamental requirement needed every day. The survey also reveals four things that generally encourage people in choosing oral care products. Maybe you belong to one of them:

1. Basic clean (cleanliness and protection)
Basic needs of the community in the group have a need to clean the teeth are always protected and clean throughout the day. Through the survey, it is known that Indonesia has the greatest need for this. "Actually, this is the most basic needs of a person.'s Just to get the maximum protection, not enough to do standard maintenance such as brushing teeth," said Melanie.

According to him, brushing alone is not enough to maintain oral hygiene and overall health. Because in addition to the teeth, inside the mouth there is also a tongue, gums, mucosa (inner lining of the walls of the mouth), and saliva that must be kept clean. Therefore, the total care of the toothbrush, using mouthwash, and others, should also be performed.

"Note also the quality of each oral care products are used. Example, the selection of the right toothbrush as needed, toothpaste and mouthwash is effective for protecting teeth, without the alcohol content in it," he advised.

2. Problem avoider (special needs)
Motivation buy oral care products in these two groups based on their need for dental care for special needs such as sensitive teeth, gingivitis (gum inflammation), and inflammation of the mouth. "When the mouth and teeth are in trouble, the tooth can not be treated with standard treatment, but require extra care," he said.

Sensitive teeth need extra care by using special toothpastes containing potassium, nitrate, tea tree oil, clovemint, and fluoride. In addition, Melanie also revealed toothbrush selected must have a flexible rod, the smaller brush head and extra soft bristles. While mouthwash does not contain alcohol should be selected so as not to make the tooth enamel grow thin.

3. Attractiveness (attractive appearance)
It is undeniable that the teeth healthy, white, and clean, provide added value in one's appearance. This category is occupied by men and women who need support for a more dazzling smile through their teeth look, and fresh breath.

4. Preventive investment (Investment health)
The need for dental care as a health investment desired by many people in the middle class and above. They took care to keep your teeth in perfect health throughout his life. "Taking care of the teeth in the proper manner and according to the needs of each investment is an asset for future dental health. Teeth So they can always be protected, and free from gum disease are severe," said the artist, Artika Sari Devi.