Toothpaste With whitening Cause Sensitive Teeth

Toothpaste With whitening Cause Sensitive Teeth - Smoking, drinking coffee, or wine every day, over time will make the color fade teeth. Colors are faded and yellow teeth often makes one's confidence decreased.

"Many of the methods used to whiten teeth, one of the easiest ways and widely used is to use a variety of oral care products berpemutih," said Prof. Dr. drg Melanie Soedono, MBiomed, in the event Formula "Masquerade Ball" some time ago in Jakarta.

Although toothpaste berpemutih easily found on the market, but you should still be careful when selecting these products because not all of them are safe to use. Melanie revealed, some toothpastes With whitening on the market contain harmful chemicals that can make the teeth become more dull and easily perforated.

"One of the ingredients is a very dangerous chemical peroxide (H2O2)," he explained.

Toothpaste containing these active ingredients work to whiten teeth by means of eroding and damaging the enamel. This enamel erosion will result in the depletion of the protective coating on the nerves inside the tooth. A thin layer of neural protection will make the teeth become sensitive, and become ache when extreme temperature changes in the mouth.

The process is most dangerous when the toothpaste is met with water. The content of peroxide that is in the toothpaste will react, and produce chemicals that damage the teeth. Peroxide ion has properties very alkaline, and when met with water into hydrogen peroxide compounds which are acidic. As is known, the acid can damage the teeth and make it porous.

In addition, the use of toothpaste containing peroxide berpemutih can also be harmful to the gums and other oral soft lining (mucosa). In the long-term use, the content of peroxide in the toothpaste will cause irritation of the soft layer in the mouth, and cause various diseases such as inflammation of the mouth. Should be carefully used the active ingredients into the container before deciding to buy toothpaste with whitening teeth.

"Be smart and conscientious consumers, not just the victim of advertising," he said.