Tips to Encourage Kids Visit Dentist

Tips to Encourage Kids Go To Dentist - Parents should have started to take the children to the dentist as their teeth grow. The first visit is not always to deal with problems in the teeth, but as a mission to make them feel familiar with the dentist, and do not be afraid to go back to the time of the next routine visit. So said Dr. Tina M. Frangella, DDS, PC, of Commack Hills Dental Group, New York.

At each visit, the dentist will usually check the condition of the child's mouth and teeth to see if there is a reef or holes. In addition, the doctor will also teach how to clean the child's teeth and mouth on the parents. If the child is old enough when brought to the big dentist, you need to be automated to prepare mentally. Especially given out a lot of horror stories about dentists. For that, you can prepare children with the following tips:

1. Explain what will happen at the dentist's room, but try to explain it simply. For example, by saying that a dentist will "count" and "take a picture" of their teeth. Likewise, when you and the kids are already there in the dentist. Ask your doctor to explain what will be done to the child's teeth, so they are not frightened.

2. If you had a bad experience with a dentist as a child, do not tell the children. Avoid the use of words such as "syringe" or "drill", as it will make the children become afraid to see a doctor. Avoid also lied that procedure happens it will not be painful at all. "Parents need to set a good example. Fear of the dentist in more children because she saw you too scared of the dentist," said Dr. Frangella.

3. Avoid the habit of threatening to take her child to the dentist when he's bad in daily life. "Many parents are often said to bring the child to the dentist for an injection when he lazily brushing teeth.'s Not true, because it will make the image of the dentist is getting worse in the eyes of children," added Dr. Frangella again.

4. Look for books that tell a child experiences when visiting the dentist. Of course, the books are educational and provide a positive influence for children, not vice versa.

5. Not all children must be attended to parents when examined by a dentist. There are some children who can actually respond better to the dentist when I was alone than accompanied by her parents. There is no harm if you stay outside, rather than enter into and make the inspection process to be hampered. Tell the child that you are outside when she needs, then please wait outside.