Strange Diet Of Celebrity

Strange Diet Of Celebrity - The celebrities have access to all of the most cutting-edge, whether it be fashion, technology, latest sports, to a diet that sounds weird. They are even willing to do the torturing diets seem to always look beautiful in front of the camera.

Find out what the diet is acted Hollywood stars to lose weight or gain muscle.

1. The baby food diet
According to Shape magazine, actress Reese Witherspoon followed the baby food diet (The Baby Food Diet) to trim the fat in the body. In this diet method adherents eat 14 jars of baby food at breakfast and lunch. Actress Jennifer Aniston is also said to follow this diet method.

2. Dietary 16-8
To reduce fat and increase muscle mass for the sake of acting as Wolverine, actor Hugh Jackman doing hard exercise and strict diet by eating only 5,000 calories between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm. Called 16-8 diet because it should only be eaten within a period of 8 hours and 16 hours of fasting.

"By nature actually emaciated that I could eat anything. During a period of 8 hours a diet called the 16-8 diet method I ate freely. During that period I eat 5,000 calories and do not eat anything for 16 hours," said Jackman.

3. Dietary biscuit
Reality show star Nicole Polizzi choose a diet of biscuits to streamline the body. "I could eat six cookies or biskuet during the daytime and for dinner choose chicken, fish, or other healthy menu," he said. A diet that has been around since the 1970's allows us to consume various types of cookies such as chocolate, banana, or coconut.

4. The five hands diet
After giving birth to daughter Harper Seven, Victoria Beckham on a diet of five hands to restore her figure. In this diet method he mengonsumsimakanan high protein portion is not more than the palm of the hand. He also consume lots of water and snacking vegetables.

5. Dietary fruit
As the name implies, these dieters only eat fruits and nuts sometimes. They are prohibited from consuming animal products and grains. Apple founder Steve Jobs technology company known to embrace this diet, as well as actor Ashton Kutcher when played Steve Jobs in the movie Jobs. But he was reportedly suffering from pancreatic problems after adopting this diet method.

6. Alkaline Diet pH or
Spider Man movie star, Kirsten Dunst is an adherent or pH diet method known as Alkaline diet. The philosophy behind this diet is that makes sour foods, such as meat and milk, can make the body's stress that causes obesity and inflammation. These dieters eat more vegetables.

7. Diets Color 7 days
Singer Christina Aguilera managed to lose weight by dieting color 7 days. In this diet method we are obliged to consume the food color one day. Starting with white, then red, green, orange, purple, yellow, and on the 7th day the whole color.