Stop the Habit of Bite The Nail

Stop the Habit of Bite The Nail - If you want to have a healthy and strong nails, you should keep the nail from your mouth. Why? In addition to its so ugly, saliva coming out when you bite my nails contribute to brittleness.

Why saliva can cause risk nails? In the process of digestion, saliva is a "tool" that helped destroy the first food we chew. Thus, although the nails are made of protein strong, still react negatively to saliva.

Nail biting activity is actually the embodiment of a sense of nervousness or habit indeed. Obviously a bad habit. Children often nail-biting prohibited on the grounds that no worms. True or not, however the nail is a gathering place for germs, like other parts of exposed skin.

How do I let a bad habit that can be stopped? One is the strong determination. Make sure that you want to be able to show off the beautiful and strong nails. Another way is:

1. Photo damaged nails. Look closely. No beautiful-beautiful, right?

2. Specify the date when it will begin to stop biting nails.

3. One way recommended websites All 4 Women is a nail polish with bright colors so you can see the result is a mess.

4. Continues to imagine that you have a beautiful and strong nails.

5. Choose one or two fingers and do not bitten. Note the difference with your finger nail biting another.

6. Consciously, the consumption of foods rich in calcium and magnesium.

7. Discover the other activities that make busy fingers, for example, embroider or play music, such as piano or guitar.

8. Attach artificial nails. You definitely do not want to bite him.

9. Discover friend who is an expert manicure. The task is to remind your friends every time you start the finger closer to the mouth.