Only 2 Percent of Women Taking Care of Teeth!

Only 2 Percent of Women Taking Care of Teeth! - As part of the body that are not visible directly, oral hygiene is often overlooked beauty of the ritual. Most of the women are more often the focus of attention to a more visible part of the body to be treated, ie skin, hair, and body.

"In fact dental is also one important part that adds to one's beauty through a smile," Said Felicia Julian, Oral Care Marketing Manager of PT Unilever Indonesia, in St. Regis Resort and Spa, Bali, some time ago.

Beautiful smile radiated through the teeth healthy and white proven to enhance one's beauty instantly. The advantage gained by having white teeth among others make more attractive appearance, increased confidence, even you can make that dream job.

From the survey conducted by Unilever found that approximately about 99.7 percent of people believe that a beautiful smile is an important asset in socializing. "The association now has become a lifestyle and trends of its own, and requires a lot of smiles in the mix of sweet and attractive appearance," Said Felicia.

In addition, about 77.9 percent of people surveyed said that a smile can also affect a person's career. Felicia added, can not be denied if it looks interesting now also become one of the conditions to get the desired job, especially in a particular field that promotes the appearance of such a model, a movie player, and others.

Unfortunately, the importance of having healthy and white teeth is merely known, and yet has not been pursued. In fact, to date, only two percent of people are aware of the importance of oral health, as well as perform routine maintenance.

There are many factors that make women ignore dental care and oral, among others, assumptions regarding the cost is quite expensive for dental care, such as teeth whitening or orthodontic treatment (braces). In fact, many easy ways you can do to get white teeth and Seha.

"That is by brushing your teeth every day, and reduce the consumption of various foods and drinks that can make discolored teeth, such as coffee, tea, soda, and other," advises drg Queen Mira Afifa, in the same event.

For you who love to eat drink "colored" is, it's good to brush his teeth more often.