How To Get Body Slim With Tetris Game

Play the game was not just a time wasting activity. Brain teasers may help a person lose weight, including normal waking stacking game called Tetris.

In the opinion of some psychologists, playing Tetris can reduce the desire snacking or eating fatty foods. The same opinion was delivered by the researchers say, play games brain teasers for 3 minutes can help block the avid or desire to eat naturally.

Researchers from Plymouth University stated, the game can serve as a destroyer and a distraction so that someone does not imagine snacks, cigarettes, or alcoholic beverages. This finding provides a quick way to set up the desire to eat, smoking, or alcohol consumption in those who are dieting or want to break away from addiction.

In the study, researchers asked the volunteers to make the average in point of how powerful, real, and interfere with their avid desire or feel. Furthermore, volunteers played Tetris for 3 minutes.

Half of the respondents played a version of Tetris in 1984, while the rest are just waiting for the process of loading the game. This research led Jessica Skorka-Brown, Jackie Andrade and Jon May of Cognition Institute.

According to Andrade, the length of a person to feel hungry usually lasts only a few minutes. During this time, anyone imagine what is desired and appreciated when it becomes real. As a result, one is more often given up and consume things that should not be.

These circumstances it can be prevented by playing the game Tetris. "Playing the game, preventing the brain imagining intake prohibited. So the curiosity to consume to lose, "said Andrade.

Tetris is a game that is found Alexey Pajitnov of the Soviet Union, and has sold millions of copies worldwide. This game was developed for home computers and the like, but when entered into a phenomenon in the Nintendo Gameboy in 1989.

Often skip meals and sex

Although the game can distract and survive on a healthy diet, but you should not play the game too long. In another separate study, the habit of playing games just a bad influence. About half of the men confessed gaming enthusiasts often miss the sex and chose to continue the game. While 20 percent of married female gamers expressed late due to the habit.

In this research, the gamers choose not to eat and skip the sex, and remained in the game room playing with his best opponent. If left unchecked, this practice is certainly not good for the health.