Healthy Weight Loss Strategies

Healthy Weight Loss Strategies - Not only is obesity, the body is too thin, too, is meaningful to health problems. Many studies have shown, a thin body is not necessarily free from the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Research has recently shown, the weight is too thin to have a greater risk of death than those who are overweight.

In addition to the risk of disease, people who are too thin bodied imaged, were generally less healthy and not fresh. For that reason, many people with less weight wants to raise the weight. However, the weight increase is not as simple as eating more than usual.

Doctors Judio physiologist Grace Kahl said, the principle of weight increase is the inclusion of more calories than the energy expended. So before starting the program, must be known how many people's normal caloric needs, and how much should be added.

Increasing healthy weight is about 1 pound in a week. To raise 1 kg, one must "save" 7,000 calories. So every day of the week there should be 1,000 extra calories beyond daily caloric needs.

"For example, someone has a caloric needs 1600 calories per day. If you want to grow 1 kg of body weight, meaning he had to eat 2,600 calories for seven days," he said when contacted by Reuters Health, Wednesday (07/16/2014).

But calories are entered did not just empty calories, but also should contain a balanced nutrition.

"Raising the weight would not want to be coupled with the increased risk of disease, is not it? Exactly why calorie sources also need to be considered," said consultant weight loss program in the Indonesian Lighthouse clinic.

A healthy source of calories should contain a balanced nutrition. That is a source of calories should be foods that contain carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. In particular to raise the weight, there is a focus on protein, not fat.


To be a good posture, body not require the addition of fat deposits, but muscle. So to build muscle, it takes two things: the need and the material. The definition of requirements is only produced when muscle is needed. Evidently if rarely used, limb muscle mass decreases.

How do I stimulate muscle growth? Principled exercise on exercise endurance key. The exercise could be lifting weights, both the load of the body itself or with a tool.

According to experts, a diet doctor Phaidon L Toruan, exercises for muscle growth needs to be done on the entire body muscles, chest muscles, shoulders, back, abdomen, hips, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. Exercises done correctly two times a week and weight training to add a little bit demiki.

The second factor is material. The point is that the body needs to build muscle in the material. One nutrient that is instrumental for this is protein. Therefore, according to Grace, protein is a nutrient that must be consumed more when it wants to gain weight.

"Protein should be eaten with a number of four to five day hands. Source is better than fish because it also contains healthy fats. Red meat may also contain cholesterol but red meat is high enough," said Grace.

Grace also gave examples of menus that can be consumed in a day to gain weight. The addition of ingredients to enrich nutrition and calories that need to be done.

- Breakfast: porridge chicken + one piece of chicken the size of a large
- Snack morning: bread + butter, plus a slice of cheese or salami
- Lunch: rice + dishes + vegetables + nuts to increase the intake of fiber, protein, and healthy fats
- Afternoon snack: fruit
- Dinner: same as lunch, with varied toppings.