Habits of Bite Nail Disturb Intelligence

Habits of Bite Nail Disturb Intelligence - A Russian researcher stated, fingernail biting habit can be a big risk to make your child suffered lead poisoning. Lead or lead easily accumulate under the nail when the kids play in a dusty place, both inside and outside the home. Exposure to lead in the body can affect the development of children caused by damage to the nervous system.

High or low levels of lead in the child's body varies, depending on whether the children were living in a house that sits in its large and dusty roadside or whether they have a habit of playing with the ground or objects that contain leaded paint.

Not only that, it turns out biting nails also cause peeling cuticles causing the pain and infection opportunities. In addition, small nails do not look pretty because grepes.

Evidence suggests, nail biting activity is mostly done girls. Probably because more girls are not taboo to do so than boys.

People are more able to understand if the activity is carried out by girls. Consequently when feeling anxious or uncomfortable, girls tend to bite my nails, while the boys will look for other forms of activity that can be "acceptable", for example, biting pencils or biting teeth.