Five Signs Diet Too Hard

Five Signs Diet Too Hard - Healthy lifestyle, such as eating healthy and maintaining a healthy weight is recommended for anyone who wants a healthy body. But these efforts do sometimes too extreme, which would actually worsen the quality of life both physically and emotionally.

Well, to avoid too extreme diet, dietitian Cynthia Sass describes five characteristics.

1. Obsessed with scale

Considering weight is something that is important and need to be done to control the weight loss when dieting. However, one also needs to see it with a healthy perspective. That is, weight fluctuations from day to day, even hour to hour is normal. So no need to stress when weight had gone down again increased though not significantly.

"These fluctuations occur because when considering not only muscle and fat mass are calculated, but also liquids, food in the digestive system that is not digested and absorbed, the dirt that has not been disposed of, as well as the storage form of carbohydrate or glycogen in the liver," said Sass.

2. Keeping a diet

When trying to eat healthier and lose weight, a person may not need to tell it to everyone. However, if feeling afraid because it was considered too stringent by others already attacked, should the need to be vigilant. The reason could be that the conditions are the signs of a diet too hard.

Yet according to Sass, too hard dieting will cause unhealthy side effects such as fatigue, bad mood, irritability, sleep disturbances, decreased system, immune, and persistent hunger.

3. Confident assessed from body weight and eating habits alone

When successful weight down probably will give confidence for dieters. But it should not be a benchmark of overall confidence. If you're feeling depressed, berate yourself when weight increased again due to the influence of fluctuating weight, then maybe dieting is not healthy.

4. Energy used to think the brain just diet and weight loss

Utilizing technology to control weight is a good thing. But dieters need to fix themselves if kept constantly thinking about what to eat and worry will increase weight by eating certain foods, even to interfere with other activities.

5. There is a gap with family and friends

When someone changing lifestyles for the better sometimes not followed by similar changes in the surrounding environment. But that does not mean it makes the distance between dieters with family and friends.

Sass said, a healthy lifestyle is more convenient if done together, then rather than away from family and friends, a healthy lifestyle should tulari on them. For example, when going to a restaurant together, choose healthy foods that will inspire them.