Fasting, Detox Natural

Fasting, Detox Natural - Any food that enters the body will definitely make a residue or remainder of the metabolism. So, like it or not we need to make the process of detoxification or removal of toxins in the body that food residues accumulate will lead to disease.

Actually, the body already has its own mechanism of excretion of toxins, such as sweating, urination, or defecation. However, this natural mechanism occasionally interrupted, for example due to lack of food fiber then we can not CHAPTER every day, so that any toxins accumulate. Imagine if the disorder occurs in days.
Fasting, Detox Natural

That's why health experts recommend that we conduct periodic detoxification. Detox process can be done by various methods. Many nutritionists who created the detox method with the advantages and disadvantages of each. One of them is by eating just fruits alone for a week.

But detox does not have to do with an expensive method and torture. Fasting can be one method of detox and increase faith.

Nutritionists and food, Bogor Agricultural University Professor Made Astawan say, the principle of detox ie remove toxins produced from the metabolism. While fasting means not eating any food for a specified period of time so as to provide his own body to dispose of the remains of the metabolism.

"Fasting can be a useful means of detox," he said in a health seminar entitled "SODA (Smart on Doing Activity) - Do not Fear Eating Tasty", Wednesday (03/07/2013) in Jakarta.

According to Made, fasting is the most ideal method of detox. Because the people who live it can still eat at dawn and breaking. In contrast to the fairly complex methods such as washing intestine assessed Made redundant.

"The important thing is to reduce the heavy foods, and increased vegetable and fruit. So do not go crazy at dawn and breaking fast or detox will provide optimal effects," said Made.

Although fasting the whole month synonymous with a particular religious background, in fact other religions also have their own methods of fasting. Made an example, fasting mutih who only eat white foods could also be an attempt detox.

If done correctly, detoxification can result in a dramatic increase in the body, such as skin becomes firmer, fitter body, healthy, increased memory, and reduced symptoms of dizziness and weakness.