Blood Type Diet Not Yet Tested

Blood Type Diet Not Yet Tested - Be careful if you are on a diet based on blood type. Because it turns out that many diets dealt a lot of people lately, it has not been tested klinis.From Nutritionist, University of Indonesia (UI) Dr. Elvina Naidoo This diet is much debated among scientists because it has not been proven scientifically.

"There are no scientific studies that show a diet is safe and effective. I do not recommended," said Elvina, after a seminar prevent vaginal discharge, at Taman Sari Spa, Jakarta, Tuesday (16/9). Indeed, this time based on the blood type diet is much discussed in the mailing list and the books and a lot of people who claimed success in the diet. However, it turns out this diet has not been proven scientifically.

Elvina says diet can be done by keeping the nutrient intake of food consumed like, avoid eating fried, regulate calorie consumption, and minimize the consumption of fats and carbohydrates. As for the choice of food consumption can be done with emphasis on eating vegetables and fruits.

In addition, for people who are overweight need to get used to exercise at least 3 times a week. Exercise can be done in the morning, such as brisk walking, sit ups, or jog. According to Elvina, thin people also have to exercise the same portion.

"CHAPTER (Toilet Basar) shall be a minimum of 1 day. If hard bowel movement, do not be too often take medication because it can cause intestinal bald," said Elvina.Yang most important, said Elvina, avoid eating it at night before bedtime. "Time should also be fairly minimal rest 6-8 hours a day," said Elvina.