5 Mistakes When Brushing Teeth

5 Mistakes When Brushing Teeth - Brushing your teeth twice a day has become an activity that you do automatically. However, whether these measures are enough to maintain oral health? Please check whether you've done so far ritual brushing teeth with the correct technique. According to experts, there are five types of the most common mistakes made ​​when brushing your teeth. Please read to find if you do one of them.

1. Less long toothbrushing
According to dentists, the number one mistake most often made ​​when brushing your teeth is the duration. "In order to clean the teeth thoroughly, you took about two minutes," said Jacki Blatz drg of Dentique Dental Hygiene Centre, Alberta. If you often do it in less than two minutes, the risk of plaque deposits will be even greater.

Studies conducted by Newcastle University's School of Dental Science in England showed two-thirds of people with gum disorders have a habit of brushing their teeth less than two minutes-even after his dentist advised them to do so. Therefore, try to adhere to this habit with brushing teeth, looking up at the clock.

2. Did not clean up to the corner of the tooth
Ideally, you need to rub all areas of the teeth, from the outside, inside, up to the gums, tongue, and palate. However, often you do not clean up inside and forget the hidden corners because it is difficult to reach. "This is due to your toothbrush activity is not considered a serious activity, so that thought just scrub and clean home," said Blatz.

Instead, always give your full attention to do so, keeping in mind the parts which have not been brushed. That way, all parts of the teeth will be perfectly clean.

3. Brushing too strong
Gums often bleed when you brush your teeth? Maybe this is not merely one brush his teeth, but because you push too strong. According to Blatz, are mistaken if you assume when it is brushed with strong then the result will be clean. Clearly, such a movement can actually injure the gums. In fact, your teeth can become sensitive to it. So, for better results, choose a toothbrush with soft bristles and can move flexibly between teeth, coupled with the movement of your toothbrush repair.

4. The wrong brushing movement
If you are brushing your teeth with just a sideways movement from the front to the back teeth, it is not enough. Because, according to dental experts, it has not been able to clean the entire tooth. "Better to concentrate on one small area, then brush in a circular motion. Having just moved it to another area and do the same movement. Meanwhile, upon reaching the area near the gums, point bristle brush with a slope of 45 degrees, then brush in the direction of outside of gum, "Blatz proponents.

5. Wearing too much toothpaste
Actually, no matter how much toothpaste you use to brush your teeth once. However, this means that you will not be able to brush your teeth long enough according to the recommended time, because your mouth will be full of foam and felt uncomfortable. According to Blatz, the actual amount of toothpaste you need is 1 cm long.

"For the kids, its size is a little longer," he said. The rest, movement and duration of brushing your teeth that will hold the role.