3 Types of Detox

3 Types of Detox - In principle there are three types of detox, the detox for alcohol poisoning, detoxification for drug poisoning, snake venom or other toxins, and metabolic detoxification to problems.
3 Types of Detox

1. Detoxification for alcohol poisoning
Vomiting is beginning to undertake reduction measures alcohol content, but must be assisted by administration of electrolyte solutions in order to overcome the lack of body fluids. After that the doctor will give you other medicines to help the process of removing alcohol from the liver.

2. Detoxification for drug poisoning, snake venom or other toxins
To sting venom, for example, the doctor will give
- Injection of crystalline penicillin 2 million units intramuscularly
- Drug sedation or analgesia to die quickly eliminate fear / panic
- Serum antibisa. Because venom composed largely of the protein is antigenic in nature so that it can be made from horse serum.

3. Detoxification for metabolism
Could use glutahione rich material, such as avocado or asparagus, to assist the liver detoxification process. Can also use cilantro or coriander leaves to detoxify mercury, or use aloe vera organic vegetables for detoxification stool in the intestine.